Our Story

I’m Jay…

I’m a bi-vocational pastor (that means I work for a health insurance company to pay the bills while pastoring a church too), a father, and a huge sports fan.  I know that life is crazy busy and that each role we play often demands more than we have available.

I’m Carissa…

I’m a full-time grad student pursuing a degree in professional counseling, a private piano teacher, a Young Living Independent Distributor, and a mommy to four amazing children.  I understand the demands of life require constantly re-evaluating our priorities.

The kids…

Julie is a junior in high school who is passionate about the performing arts and social justice.

Caedmon is a seventh grader who cheers for the Washington Redskins and takes telling time as a serious affair.

Avaril is a fifth grader who is our resident comedian…seriously…she has a stand-up routine.

Raegan is a second grader who still eats pizza even though Congress says it has a serving of vegetables.

Our Journey

Faith is an essential part of our lives:  we go to church every Sunday (because we want to, not just because it would be weird if the pastor’s family didn’t show up), we are each personally devoted to following Jesus, and we are trying to be a positive influence in our community .  After a trip to Colorado with Soulation in 2013, Carissa recognized the need our family had for a weekly shabbat (day of rest).  This year, in an effort to deepen our individual, as well as our family’s faith, we are going to be celebrating all of the Jewish holidays.  We believe that our Christian faith will be enriched by recognizing it’s Jewish roots.

Having four children and each of us having multiple responsibilities means our schedules can be filled to the brim.  We have been on a journey to find peace in the midst of the storm of busyness.  As you sojourn with us, we will share our best methods of keeping outside responsibilities from eating into our family time, we’ll provide you with our proven ideas for self-care, and you’ll receive our body and soul nourishing recipes for wholeness.  We’ll also be sharing our devotional thoughts so that if you wish to participate on this shalom seeking journey you can.  We can also be found building community to celebrate the joys of life on social media.  Sign-up for our newsletter and follow along with us.

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