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Setting intentions

Intention– a course of action, a plan, a purpose, an objective.

2018 is upon us.  My kids have returned to school (at least the ones that haven’t gotten the stomach flu…), and we have returned to a routine after a week of holiday merrymaking.  I like to take the beginning of the year and use the opportunity to refocus.  Many of us do this.  In fact we call it making a New Year’s Resolution.  “Resolution” comes from the word “resolve”.

Resolve– to decide firmly on a course of action.

The problem with most resolutions is that they are vague ideals:  to lose weight, to make more money, to fall in love, to do better at cleaning the house.  What we call resolutions aren’t really a course of action or a plan.  What we call resolutions are more often just pie in the sky hopes.  And while hoping and dreaming are very important in their own right, without a set of objectives to reach the goal, they are often in vain, without coming to fruition.

This year I was influenced in setting my resolutions by a talk I heard Jon Acuff give at the  Elevate convention I attended last August (he also wrote a book, Finish on the same topic).  He spoke about setting small attainable goals instead of huge goals and then being disappointed when you can’t meet them.   Another take away from Finish was that I can’t be perfect in everything. I often have a long list of resolutions/intentions for the year.  But this year, my resolutions are much more tightly focused, and I believe attainable.

I also chose a word to focus all of my activity around (I say I chose, but this is the word that God kept impressing on me every time I thought about this).  My word for 2018 is wellness.

Frankly, I find this a little daunting as a word choice.  I suffer from more than one chronic illness.  My days often involve hours of physical pain.  I have been implementing a program of alternative medical treatments in a pursuit to have my physical health restored.  In fact, on January 1, I spent the day in bed for the most part.  So choosing “wellness” as a word that is supposed to embody my focus for the year, is intimidating.  But I am choosing to follow the leading of God.  If God kept giving me this word, I believe it is for His purposes.

Jay too has chosen a word.  Often we chose our word together, and we both have the same word.  That is not the case this year.  Jay’s word for 2018 is “present”.   Jay explained he doesn’t want to be only chasing the future, but to appreciate what is happening now.  He wants to notice the little things around us.

As I picture the year of shalom that is ahead for the Beards, I know that by having our focus on wellness and being present, that both Jay and I are going to be pursuing the “way things were meant to be, shalom”.  May 2018 find you with shalom as well.  Will you set an intention?  Will you have a word to focus your intention on in 2018?



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